Thrills & Shakes (Literally)

Do NOT walk into Skimos Coffee Shop if you suffer from indecisiveness or haven't kept up with pop culture this century. The backup caused from figuring out the long fine print on the menu over the coffee bar may lead to a riot.

Of course, that kind of fun drama fits right in with the Nickelodeon sitcom that lend “the coolest place in the neighborhood” its name.

To make a decision with the throw of the dice, limit yourself to the five flavors (strawberry, chocolate, dulce de leche, mango & coffee ) of the namesake milkshake drink, also from the show.

The Vegas Skimo continues other fanciful food traditions from the sitcom eatery. Sad to see Stranger Things end? Sooth your soul with an Upside Down Dulce de Leche latte. Pastries a plenty like Lemon Loaf and more wholesome food like Chicken Pesto Panini and Buffalo Chicken Wrap offer fitting choices from 6:30 am to 8 pm (though I searched the menu in vain for Mango on a Stick).

In a rush? Order online from the website or Instagram page for pickup. Add some art from the walls to your tab. And with some luck you can even literally pick up thrills and laughs at one of the book signings by local authors.